Russia-Georgia war, mapped

CatholicGauze is keeping track of the Russia-Georgia war, updating his post on Google Earth Community with battle locations as the war progresses. He also adds the route of the oil pipeline and the boundaries of the various breakaway regions.


4 thoughts on “Russia-Georgia war, mapped”

  1. While this looks great, my only comment or question would be, how valid is this data? While it is most likely correct, key points could be wrong. Fudging the maps/data is an all too common practice.

  2. The airstrike locations are generalized unless news reported attacks on an identifible thing like the military airbase.

    I admit I was wrong in following news reports that said Russians went PAST Gori (they stopped before). The newer map will reflect that.

    I’ve been following both Russian and Georgian native press (boy talk about the contridictions between them!)

  3. After Iraq ANYBODY from America has no right to learn Russia or in general somebody – to anything. After Iraq – to shut up and ask your business misters of god, what you Americans, were pardoned. 660 000 victims in Iraq. For what? For a flank with oil?

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