Links: Ogle Sweden redux, Jailbird’s eye view, Microsoft Surface in the wild

  • Ogle Sweden update: Click on icons on the auto-updating map below to see the panoramas I’ve been taking this past week:

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  • Jailbird’s eye view: I’m pretty sure that prison life in Norway is, compared to the rest of the world, very nice. But should you ever feel the urge to escape Bjørgvin prison in Bergen, you can now consult a gigantic satellite view of the grounds on the floor of the prison building. The images are copied from Google Earth, and are painted onto the floor as part of an art project by local students. Here is the Flickr set that alerted me to it. I think it looks quite excellent:

  • Surface in the wild: Microsoft’s Surface multitouch screen/GUI is now on display in several Sheraton lobbies in assorted cities in the US, and it features Virtual Earth (though not, apparently, 3D). Here is the Seattle PI’s video report. Virtual Earth makes its appearance half-way through:

    I want.

  • Google Earth API update: From a few days ago: Google Geo Developers Blog: New Earth API resources: Complete API Reference, Sample Code, Release Notes, FAQ. Mac support is still forthcoming.
  • Where is the path? Where is the Ordnance Survey?? Mapperz points us in the direction of Where is the path, a UK site that correlates locations on Ordnance Survey’s web maps with, among other things Google Earth for browsers. It looks fabulous on the video demo:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try it myself, because:


    Way to go, Ordnance Survey. Your free product is unusable, by design. Just as predicted.

2 thoughts on “Links: Ogle Sweden redux, Jailbird’s eye view, Microsoft Surface in the wild”

  1. Fantastic panoramas Stefan, really mind-blowing! Certainly makes me want to visit Sweden. And that’s the point, eh? :-)

  2. Stefan, Did I miss a post or have you explained the equipment you are using to make the 360 deg panoramas? Excellent effort, BTW. I love the work you are doing.

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