Ogle Sweden

Extremely high resolution version

Ogle Earth is changing to Ogle Sweden — vicarously, for the next two weeks, at least. I’m road tripping around Sweden, on assignment for the Swedish Institute, taking 360-degree georeferenced panoramas and blogging the process over on Sweden.se. The blog’s format is still a work in progress, but do check it out — it will be officially launched in the next day or two.

Currently I’m in Umeå, and heading for well North of the Polar Circle, before driving back down to the Southern coast and back to Stockholm via the Baltic islands. There is much to see and do — Sweden is not short of sweeping vistas, and not small either — so I haven’t settled into a routine yet that gives me much time for Ogle Earth; we’ll see how that goes. Perhaps I’ll just cross post from Sweden.se.

Extremely high resolution version

In addition to posting the panoramas to the blog, I’m also mapping the trip. I was planning to create some KML manually for each day, upload it to a server and into an instance of Google Maps, but now Barry Hunter has just made my life a lot easier, releasing goKML.net for Google MyMaps just as I was wishing for something like it. Now, I can just create a MyMap for each day and use the KML it generates for that blog entry’s map, but also collect all these MyMaps into one big aggregate trip map — with no duplication of effort!

Oh, and as Barry noticed, Google MyMaps now produces GeoRSS as well, in addition to KML.

(PS the panoramas still need to get buttons. Meanwhile, click and drag to look around, press Shift to zoom in, Command (Mac) or Control (PC) to zoom out.)

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  1. I don’t understand why someone had to screw around with your website and supposedly make it better. I now find the website Google Earth totaly unusable. I did use it for aireal views of hunting sites and now I can’t get it to stay Zoomed in where I tell it to go. Instead it keeps taking me to places I don’t want to go . Whats up with that ??????

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