New layer: Every Human has Rights

The “Every Human Has Rights” campaign aims to raise public awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted 60 years ago this year by the United Nations. Until now, just countries have been signatories. The idea is to get people to read it and sign it too, so that everyone can know their fundamental human rights.

The campaign now has a default layer up on Google Earth. At the top of each placemark you’ll find an outtake from the declaration, and what it means. Below it, bios of some of the many people who have stood up for human rights, often amid great adversity:


Human rights are something that I feel strongly about, so I’m very happy to have been involved in the creation of this layer. (If you hate the design of the placemark popups, you can blame me:-) The layer itself was constructed using an early version of the Google Outreach Spreadsheet Mapper, with help from Google developers.

Content was collected from a range of NGOs supporting the campaign, which is being spearheaded by The Elders and by Realizing Rights.

9 thoughts on “New layer: Every Human has Rights”

  1. Hi Stefan,

    This is a good and interesting read and a very worthy cause!

    I am currently trying to add a Google Outreach layer to the Global Awareness layers for EIA International.

    I have searched Google Outreach high and low to find out how this can be done but just don’t seem to be able to find anything.

    If you could give some tips on how you achieved this I would be very grateful.


    Kevin Cressy

  2. I’m just curious who chooses to put the “Every Human Has Rights” tag in which country. I’m am very surprised that Israel has two but Sudan has 0! Russia has 0, Syria has 0, indeed most of the Middle Eastern countries have 0 tags and most of those countries violate human rights every day. Is there any objectivity to the placement of these tags, and again, who makes that decision?

  3. Mike…you have to remember. Everyone in the world is noble and clean as the wind driven snow. Of course with the exception of Israel and the US.

    Objectivity in todays world? I see rare cases of it’s use anymore.


  4. I can’t stand politics invading global resources. How can I eliminate this political graffiti from my Google Earth? Many political activists have no concept of their blinkered condition and believe that what they do is “a good thing” and therefore is above reproach. Cluttering up the Google Earth map with political slogans is an affront to the world community. What next? Animal rights logos all over Western Europe, White supremacy symbols across Africa. The only right and fair standard is the banning of all politics on Google Earth. Please do not respond with political ranting for whatever good cause you foolishly espouse.

  5. I finally found a way to turn it off. I found out tonight that there are two ‘Global Awareness’ layers. Once I un-selected both of them, I was no longer politically covered in graffiti :) – Now if only the same could be said for the real life ;)

  6. Somebody please post how I can deactivate the human rights tags from Google Earth. I don’t need to be lectured to (very selectively – agree with Mike, poster above) or met with flip phrases (“don’t let the door kick you in the ass” in Gaza) just because I want to do a goegraphical search. Wholly inappropriate.

  7. I turned this off, it’s not so much the logo, or what people want to make people aware of (ie like Darfur) but it must be fair and across the board.

    If Arabic/Moslem countries don’t get flagged, if Russia is exempt then their is a political agenda here. If any country is exempt, or missed purposely this is very misleading.

    Nearly every country at one time or another has done something very questionable on Human rights.

    To me there needs to be an adjustment to this layer. It can help to promote hatred instead of awareness (ie If Israel is marked and her neighbors not = that is bigotry or bias).

    Sorry please have this layer permanently removed or make the appropriate corrections.

  8. You can still have the “Every Human…” logo on your screen when the Global Awareness label is unchecked. To fix this, go to LAYERS located on the left side bar (under SEARCH and PLACES). Uncheck “Primary Database”. Then check only the layers you want. The graffiti will be gone if you dont recheck Global Awareness.

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