New 3D mouse: SpaceNavigator for Notebooks

I love my 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator; so much so that I will sometimes lug this beautifully designed solid metal contraption across oceans in my carry-on luggage. Hilarity often ensues as X-ray security personnel puzzle over something that looks suspiciously like a detonator, and is built like one to boot. It’s worth the hassle. There is simply no better way to navigate Google Earth.

3DConnexion is today releasing a lighter, smaller version of the SpaceNavigator, fittingly called the SpaceNavigator for Notebooks. It’s half the weight of the original, 1cm narrower, comes with a travel case and costs USD $129 (vs $59 for a personal edition of the original.)


Wags may wonder why something half the weight costs twice as much, but I think that’s because miniaturization is not cheap, and because this device is aimed at road warriors — there is no personal edition of the SpaceNavigator for Notebooks.

I have not used a SpaceNavigator for Notebooks, so don’t know if it can replicate the solid feel and weight that makes the original such a pleasure to use. If you’ve used one, comment! (Since some will wonder, this is not a paid post, and there is no advertising relationship with 3DConnexion:-)

[Update 11:14 UTC: PCMag has a full review of the device.]

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