Links: GE intelligence, traditional place names

  • Google Earth intelligence blog: Via Ed Parsons, a Google Earth blog focused on military intelligence analysis that I had, unforgivably, not been aware of previously: IMINT & Analysis. It is incredibly thorough. (My only wish — that placemarks be available as KML rather than lists of coordinates.)
  • Traditional placename labels: The Native American Coeur d’Alene tribe has been adding traditional place name labels and audio pronunciations to the map. The results are available as KML. The US Federal Geographic Data Committee is supporting the project with grants. (Via Metafilter)
  • Orphan finds home village using Google Earth: Sob-story in reverse, in the Times of India. In case you’re wondering where Kiraoli is — has the answer. Check out the Taj Mahal 25km to the east.
  • Neogeoweb startup roundup: JotYou — send an sms to someobody, who only receives it if they are in a certain geographic region. Sounds like great game fodder, and good for at least one plot twist in the next Jason Bourne thriller. SpotJots — blogging where location takes precedence (and which would benefit from KML output.) (Both via Renalid)