Short news: Mount Saint Helens pre-apocalypse, Eddy awards

  • Now you can see what Mount Saint Helens looked like before it blew its top in 1980, courtesy of Simon Seamount, a graduate student at Michigan State University. It comes with a nifty timeline — drag it past the explosion date, and you’ll see the old shape of the mountain as a translucent 3D shape draped above the current outline.
  • I don’t think I’ve mentioned this newish Google Earth blog before — Google Earth Users Guide Project, funded by the UK’s Royal Geographical Society, with the intention of helping teachers to use Google Earth in the classroom.
  • Each year, MacWorld announces the Eddy Awards, the editors’ choice awards for the best products to come out for the Mac universe during the past year. This year, Google Earth makes the list. It was released for the Mac in January this year, remember.
  • Gizmodo reports that the slick-looking Suunto GPS sports watch now also has software for uploading your tracks to Google Earth.
  • Interesting innovation from Virtual Earth, merging the desktop with the mobile phone: Send directions from your home computer to your phone. No matter how fancy your mobile phone gets, it unlikely to ever sport a biggers screen than your desktop screen. (US only)
  • The Earth is Square brings news that GeoServer 1.4.0 is out. It comes with better KML support.