Use the Wii controller to steer Google Earth

You knew it had to happen sooner or later, but so soon? Check out this demo of J. Coulston’s WiiGoogleEarth.PIE script for GlovePIE, which lets you control Google Earth with the Wiimote using gestures:

Now you’ve got that perfect excuse to go get a Wii. (Via Digg) This hack adds the Wiimote to a growing list of controllers used to steer virtual globes. Previously, there was:

Illuminated ping pong balls to steer Google Earth (Atlas Gloves)

Salling Clicker to steer Google Earth via bluetooth

Sony PSP to steer NASA World Wind

XBox controller to steer Virtual Earth 3D

And of course 3DConnexion’s SpaceNavigator, though this device is in a league of its own — it’s got six degrees of freedom, and gradiations of movement. Talking of which, check out this user’s feedback on the SpaceNavigator, from a comment attached to the review:

On the strength of this review, I treated myself to a space navigator. I can’t begin to explain how awesome this thing is. After first installing it, I spent the next eight hours google earth – so much so that my eyes began to hurt, I was transfixed.

Maybe they should put some health warnings on the packaging:-)

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