CitySurf: 3D city viewer from Turkey

Adil Yoltay writes in about CitySurf, a free 3D viewer from Turkey:

We are 3 developers have started 2 years ago CitySurf Project and it will be finished nearly. CitySurf free OpenGL-based viewer, which connects to servers for streaming of content, elevation, imagery, road outlines, 3D buildings, points of interest, etc. (like google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth concepts but faster then others).

A Youtube video of the app in action is quite impressive, showing plenty of textured 3D models:

They presented at Cebit 2006 Istanbul, and made it to Turkish CNN — video snippet here.

You can download the application, and I gave it a quick run. Everything is in Turkish, but you can easily guess which buttons do what. The interface looks a lot like Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer, with layers for points of interest located in Turkish cities. Labels and roads are vector-based (nice), navigation is snappy, and some of the 3D buildings have very high resolution textures — the highest I’ve seen in a 3D viewer. This is put to good use in a few streets to allow actual window shopping, though I’m not sure how well this would scale. Finally, CitySurf isn’t an actual virtual globe (i.e., a sphere), but a viewer for rendering a specific area of terrain.

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4 thoughts on “CitySurf: 3D city viewer from Turkey”

  1. Dear City Surf team, first of all I’d like to congratulate you for developing such a fantastic program! The interface is very friendly and easy to use, and it being based on free viewer with all the navigation options is amazing. However, I have one question: Why isn’t the view like the actual globe..meaning sphere?

  2. Dear sender, thank you for your positive response for CitySurf. I have good news for all

    the CitySurf users, in a couple of months, we will release a new version of CitySurf having a sphere view . the new version will also support new services WMS,WFS,Nasa Worldwind and Virtual earth. one last news is that it will support english language, and we hope that it will support multi languages.

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