Visualize Colorado public school test scores

colotest.jpgBrian Timoney and Ubiquity Design come out with, yet another visually striking geospatial data visualization — of Colorado public school test scores, by district and by subject. The main site is Google Maps-based, but there is also a Google Earth launch page where the data is presented as KML files. I find it easy and intuitive to use, and it should be a real boon to parents. With any luck, these kinds of visualizations will soon be the norm for this kind of data. Or, as Brian puts it:

From where I sit, the twin obsessions of the American middle class family are real estate and education. Zillow seems to have the former covered. But with all of the controversy about failing public schools in the US and the federal No Child Left Behind Act, shouldn’t accessible map-based interfaces be a required part of the conversation?