Short news: 3D London soon? ESRI ArcGIS Explorer soon?

  • It looks like we can expect a fully 3D version of London in the coming weeks. I can’t wait.
  • GoogleMapsMania points to BuddyMapping, a web app that uses Google Maps to let users build guestbooks for their sites. Comes with a KML version for viewing.
  • Beginning Google Maps Applications, the blog of the book, has a nice tutortial out about how to crawl and parse XML and HTML pages to turn them into KML. (Via Google Earth Blog)
  • Eagle-eyed Digital Geography spots a download button on the ESRI ArcGIS Explorer home page, and some interesting hints as to what kinds of maps will be available. Alas, no actual downloads are in sight, but surely this means it can’t be much longer to wait?
  • James Fee predicts ESRI ArcGIS Explorer won’t be a “Google Earth killer” in the sense some people imagine it. I certainly don’t hope this is the sound of expectations being lowered. I want as many geobrowsers to play with as possible.
  • Over on Lasting News, Laurent is all over the latest periodic outburst from an Indian official regarding the threat of Google Earth to national security, as reported by India’s Express News Service on August 12. This time, it’s Air Chief Marshal S. P. Tyagi’s turn. Laurent does all the explaining in his post as to why the claim is absurd.
  • Looks like Google Earth was inaccessible again in Bahrain yesterday.

PS: I just noticed that a couple of comments were caught in an over-eager spam filter. It’s now been turned off. Apologies.

6 thoughts on “Short news: 3D London soon? ESRI ArcGIS Explorer soon?”

  1. Re James’ comment. I realized with horror that I accidently chopped off the credit. I had come across the ArcGIS Explorer news on his blog first. I’ve edited the post now. Sorry!

  2. ESRI ArcGIS Explorer as “Google Earth killer”

    2 years before ArcPAD also have name “OziExplorer killer” :)

    I think ESRI have problems with the general way. And faster ESRI bloggers make great help with improvement this problems.

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