Short news: EditGrid redux; Google saves redux

  • Valery Hronusov is making good use of EditGrid to calculate great circle distances.
  • Google Saves, continued: WorldChanging has anecdotal evidence of Google Earth helping locals identify air-drop sites in Surat, India after the flooding there last week. (Thanks, Jonathan)
  • Richard Treves — he of the KoKae tutorial screencasts for Google Earth — has built a template for the education-oriented Moodle content management system that produces KML for databases that contain latitude and longitude data types. If you use Moodle, here is the thread you need.
  • Interesting item in the comments, worth singling out: “Are there any guide/climber/back country adventure types out there who are increasingly using google earth to scout trails? I need your stories and comments for an article in a national magazine. Please contact Jon kovash.