Alvin’s underwater wonderland

Another nifty way of visualizing scientific data: Deep-Sea News (gotta love them niche blogs) reports that over 3,500 dives by the Alvin submarine (star of many a National Geographic Special) are now mapped to KML as part of the Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS) project.

Deep-Sea News has the lowdown on the Alvin dives. in the meantime, I went trawling through the geodata directories of MGDS, and found many more interesting KML files. For example:

I’m just exhausted from exploring this treasure trove. Go do your own digging here. (it’s OK, MGDS links to it from the home page.) It definitely makes you wish for the promised bathymetry data in Google Earth.

One thought on “Alvin’s underwater wonderland”

  1. HELP! I am simply searching far and wide for an UNNAMED underwater feature in American waters that can be submitted to be named for our WWII Submariners, a group that in my estimation has not received the kudos of so many of their WWII brethren. Would appreciate any with knowledge or research capabilities to contact me ASAP via my email. Thank you on behalf of those I look to honor.

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