Short news: Morocco, Oracle, Megalithic portal, Geody,

For my own reference, now:

  • James Fee is right.‘s Flickr geotagging bookmarklet is the easiest way to georeference one’s photos. Once they’re in there, view them in Google Earth thus.
  • Geody is a very interesting geosearch portal. Unique feature: Look up stuff on the moon and other planets. back on Earth, search results come linked to Google Earth, NASA World Wind, etc…

3 thoughts on “Short news: Morocco, Oracle, Megalithic portal, Geody,”

  1. Beware of the Megalithic Portal Google Map download. It does not work and also infected my laptop with a virus.

  2. THe current version of it does seem to generate a parsing error in Google Earth 3, but there is no virus in that file, just markup — I checked, even though there is no known exploit using KMZ files with Google Earth. So the virus on your laptop got there some other way, I’m afraid. Good luck.

  3. Hello, there is no virus in the file

    It doesn’t work with G.E. version 3.

    This is due to it having a lot of ‘foreign’ characters in the European site names.

    Google have changed the way these are handled between 3 and 4 so it can’t made compatible with both. (as far as I know)

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