Short news: But is it art? Alan hacks EditGrid; ViaTime

  • The next weird thing to come out of China: Huge lines in the desert. As AbFab’s Patsy would say, “Yeah, but is it art, Eddie?” (Via Google Earth Hacks)
  • Alan Glennon plays with EditGrid — he uses the fact that you can reference individual cells via HTML to produce a proof-of-concept PHP script that extracts data from EditGrid cells and turns it into a KML file. Love it.
  • AutoDesk does a bundle with Google Earth Pro. All Points Blog has good commentary, and comments.
  • ViaTime: “Simulating the world of air travel for children using Google Earth.” Seems to have been around for months, but it’s new to me. Let’s you — ahem, children — create fantasy airlines with mock routes and then watch your flights, teaching you about great circle distances in the process. By Matt Paskus at Western Washington University’s department of geography.