Google Earth imagery: Northern exposure, southern exposure

High resolution imagery of remote places can be mesmerising. Take, for example the southermost high resolution imagery currently available in Google Earth (as far as I can tell), of Candlemas and Vindication islands, part of the South Sandwich Islands, at 57 degrees south. The satellite image is just crawling with icebergs, and the quality is stunning:


Here is a direct KML link, from the Global Volcanism Program, a great site that is thoroughly georeferenced with KML files. (And here is the Tagzania link.)

Furthest north, I found two high resolution areas at 77 degrees north: In Russia, the northernmost bit of Novaya Zemlya, and in Canada, Intrepid Inlet in Prince Patrick Island.

Finally does anyone know what this high resolution area in Norway is good for? I suspect it is a shooting range, but there aren’t any Google Earth Community postings about it (which is rare, these days:-).

3 thoughts on “Google Earth imagery: Northern exposure, southern exposure”

  1. As to the Norway question, from the looks of all the roads to the South East of your Pin, I’m wondering if this wasn’t done for a geological study of some kind, and Google is just posting the high-res image as part of their collection….

    Good question, though, and one that only the satellite imagry provider knows for sure…

  2. There’s an error in Google Earth Updated version… they called the island of Vieques (which is on the right of Puerto Rico)”Ceiba”. The name of that island is VIEQUES, don’t really know how could they have made that mistake because of the controversy with the US Marine. dont know who to write about it so maybe u ppl from ogle earth can do something about it

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