For the Mac: Export from iPhoto to KML

iPhotoToGoogleEarthIcon.jpgWhat’s the state of photo georeferencing like on the Mac ? Well, it’s been lagging compared to what’s on offer for PCs, especially if you look at the latest version of Picasa, but now there’s a catch-up effort under way. Craig Stanton has been working on iPhotoToGoogleEarth, a plugin that exports iPhoto photos with EXIF coordinate metadata to KML. It’s still in beta, and doesn’t yet work on Intel Macs, but do give this free software a try and help with feedback.

How do you attach EXIF coordinate metadata to photos using the Mac in the first place? Craig recommends GPS Photo Linker, another free application which takes time-coded GPX data and marries it with your photos’ time-coded EXIF data.

For getting GPX data off GPS devices, try LoadMyTracks, a wonderfully simple yet effective free application for importing GPX tracks onto your Mac. (It imports tracks as KML as well.)

If you need more advanced support for specific GPS devices, MacGPS Pro 6 does that, and a lot more besides ($50).

One thought on “For the Mac: Export from iPhoto to KML”

  1. Hey,

    through googling I went to this article. I’m trying to find out how to export large pictures into googlemap, f. ex. as a portfolio or a fictiv “pirate map” for children.

    I read that it has to be a KML file, but as a graphic designer I havn’t heard that before. Does anybody has aclue how to solv?

    Many kind regards & thanks in advance

    Best P Rub

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