Short news: Miniature China redux; America’s gerrymanderiest districts

Two quick ones that caught my fancy:

2 thoughts on “Short news: Miniature China redux; America’s gerrymanderiest districts”

  1. China Redux: Seems a lot of effort to go and build something like that just to run over and destroy it with tanks !?!

    Think that ‘reporting’ got a bit of spin from the authorities.

  2. Since this blog has delicately wrestled with political issues lately, I’ll note as a proud American that both major parties share equal blame for this particular miscarriage of democratic justice. Hence, the suspiciously high re-election rate of our congress-people in the House of Representatives which, if nothing else, gives the Jon Stewarts and Stephen Colberts of the world a never-ending source of material.

    But it’s good to see Dimitri has found another set of windmills to tilt at. (As a Manifold license holder, of course I say that with affection).


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