Short news: Civil 3D, GPSoverIP, Tagzania update

  • I must be getting old:
    1. First I didn’t post the Reuters article about Google Earth and H5N1, because I thought it was a republication of Christine Gorman’s article in Time from February that I remembered blogging here. It’s more of an updated version, it turns out. (Discussion at All Points Blog.)
    2. Then I didn’t post the news that Autodesk Civil 3D authoring tool can now export to Google Earth via an extension (in a technology preview), because I thought it referred to the instructions posted three weeks ago. AECnews has more about Autodesk’s apparent change of heart.
  • A German website touts GPSoverIP, a patent pending internet protocol for transmitting GPS data. If I get it right, GPSoverIP eliminates an abstraction layer when communicating GIS data over the internet. The website is none too clear, but one application of it, for a GPS enabled jacket, was shown at CeBIT in 2006. (German speakers can get some more crumbs here.)
  • is a French-language geography portal/community site.
  • Excellent: Those javascript-based Tagzania maps that you can paste into your own site now boast an automatic link to the same information in Google Earth, like so:

    Tagzania: Items by Ogle_Earth

    Not even Google Maps has that by default, currently. (Check out the other new customization features.)

  • Declan Butler updates his avian flu Google Earth network link.

One thought on “Short news: Civil 3D, GPSoverIP, Tagzania update”

  1. Thanks for the Tagzania review.

    Just a precision: our “paste your map” feature in Tagzania doesn’t rely on JavaScript, it’s just a iframe.

    Well, to be more precise, Google Maps does use JavaScript.

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