Moving right along

For the next 24 hours, I will be moving house, and this blog will suffer directly. In the meantime, here’s an unambitious collection of links:

  • Tintin’s rocket in Google Earth. (Why are the Belgians hogging the news all of a sudden?) (Via Belgeoblog)
  • Amazing. Ars Technica completely fails to undestand geospatial search, as this throwaway line makes clear:

    … Google Earth was very cool, but apart from duplicating NASA’s WorldWind software, how did it help the company’s strategic position? …

  • Google said it would port Earth to Linux. Now we know how — with Wine. (via Google Earth Blog)
  • SOLA G1, the Japanese app for Mac and Windows that converts W3D, 3DS, OBJ and DXF files to KML, makes it to version 1.5. There are even instructions in English! (When you run it.)
  • World Wind Central offers up a comparison between Google Earth and NASA World Wind.

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