PC World names Google Earth top software product for 2006

According to PC World, Google Earth is the best software product of 2006. It’s listed 6th overall in the magazine’s 100 Best Products of the Year.

Products one to five? Intel and AMD chips, Cragslist.org, the iPod Nano, and a Seagate portable hard drive. None of those, to the best of my knowledge, have their own dedicated blogs:-)

Note, however, that Microsoft Virtual Earth makes it to the list (#39) whereas Google Maps doesn’t. The review of “Live Local” cites the bird’s eye view feature.

One thought on “PC World names Google Earth top software product for 2006”

  1. Intel and AMD chips? Wow, and to think my laptop’s internal fan didn’t make the top ten…

    The juiciest target in #1 thru #5 for GE to go after is obviously Craigslist. Geo-locating the “casual encounters” portion of that website via a live Network Link would officially be the killer social networking app IMHO.


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