Short news (Vacation edition): Google Earth Lessons

  • Google Earth Lessons is a great new resource for teachers to help use Google Earth in the class room. (Will update my links on the right with this and other finds when I’m back from vacation)
  • Version 6.3 of MacGPS Pro, a GPS receiver interface for the Mac, adds Google Earth compatibility. (Via MacInTouch)
  • Some updated versions of basic network link favorites: Global transparent cloud map and Wikipedia Places. The latter shows off OpenGIS support in MySQL 5, as reported here.
  • Another report from what Indian army chief General J.J. Singh told reporters recently. He said that “we have taken steps and measures to deal with such exposures,” referring to Google Earth’s depiction of India. I assume this means the Indian military has begun building hangars for its fighter planes:-) (Here is the Times of India’s take.)
  • New URL: Planet Geospatial is now at
  • Eyebeam’s 3D capture tool OGLE is updated, and now has the ability to capture textures as well. Not yet useful for Google Earth, but it certainly is for other 3D authoring applications, and they’ll be able to export to Google Earth when Google Earth does do textures. (Via ReBang weblog)
  • FS Earth acts as an interface between Flight Simulator 2004 and Google Earth, letting to follow a flight in real time, over the satellite images generated by Google Earth.” (Via AvSim)
  • Garmin Blogs. And does a good job of it too.