Vacation shorts: GPS-Photo Link, India, King Kong

  • GeoSpatial Experts’ GPS-Photo Link, a Windows georeferencing tool for photographs, adds Google Earth compatibility in the latest version.
  • Another hint that India will go the route of trying to sponsor an international treaty, likely via the UN, to censor the resolution of satellite imagery made available to the public: India’s Army Chief General J.J. Singh says as much, reported by the Indo-Asian News Service. What a terrible idea. While we’re at it, why not also censor maps globally, by treaty? Why force the world to adopt the lowest common denominator when it comes to governmental paranoia?
  • Another article about the Indian government’s displeasure with Google Earth, by DailyTech. Fact check: Australia has not complained about Google Earth, nor has Russia. Commenters take the article to task for other misconceptions, sort of.
  • A new online marketing campaign uses Google Earth to promote the global DVD release of King Kong. uses network links and overlays to place each “level” of the online “game” in geographic context. (Press release in German)