Making Google Earth integration seamless

Blogs have been slow to integrate with Google Earth, in part because creating a KML link is still more laborious than creating an HTML link. And yet there are certain classes of blogs that are just crying out for integration in Google Earth — for example, sailboat blogs, where the content of posts tends to be very location-dependent.

SailBlogs provides an ingenious solution to this technical challenge: It’s a blog hosting tool that automatically links such blogs to the sailboat’s current location via a Google Earth network link. With the link, you can see the positions of all participating sailboats; click on one to go to its blog.

This is what we need more of: Blog hosting tools where the integration with Google Earth is taken care of seamlessly. I wonder if future plans for Blogger include Google Earth integration — it’s an obvious synergy for two of Google’s acquisitions that is still waiting to be exploited. (Via Tim in Ogle Earth’s comments)