Shorts: India Singh fallout, Modulo risk assessment with Google Earth

  • As CNN publishes the AP story of Indian Army Chief J.J. Singh’s problem with the march of technology as symbolized by Google Earth, Kathryn Cramer responds, as does Premnath Kudva.
  • Modulo Security, a “risk assessment, compliance and knowledge management company,” has introduced a “geo-referenced risk view” that uses Google Earth to map risk areas:

    Created to allow control of risk in different business units, “Geo-referenced Risk View” produces a detailed map of the analysis area and defines the risk level for that area. Using Google Earth, users define the business unit to be analyzed and Check-up Tool maps all the assets and their corresponding risk levels, in full color and detail. This makes it possible to identify and classify risk levels in each unit, providing an overview of the risks involved with each asset. The map uses colors to identify the existing risks in each area.

    Here is the press release.