Reviews you can lose: SketchUp

Mumbai Mirror reviews SketchUp, and concludes:

I quite like the software: It’s free, it’s a tiny download and you can be glorified for your designs online. But it takes time to learn and, as far as ease of use goes, it has a long way to go before catching up to competition.

Wow, the reviewer must be really proficient at AutoCAD and Microstation, then…

3 thoughts on “Reviews you can lose: SketchUp”

  1. Why are you so obsessed with india related news? India sure has its share of bad journos, but this article doesn’t sound So bad to me.

  2. Hi Mahesh,

    I’m obsessed with any news related to Google and censorship, be it in Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia or India. India is particularly interesting because the stakes are higher, but also because segments of the press routinely fail in their duty to properly frame the debate.

    So if the Indian government wants to censor Google Earth, I blog it. And if I don’t think certain Indian journalists are telling the story accurately, I blog that too. If there is a lot of India coverage on this blog, it’s first and foremost because the Indian government and media produce a lot of bloggable material. If China ever tries to censor Google Earth, you can bet I’ll blog that too.

    As for the Mumbai Mirror review, it’s the first one I’ve read where I feel the reporter hasn’t done his homework. So I blogged it. It’s what I do.

  3. I’m also a bit intrigued why people so quickly say it’s difficult to use. After playing with it for a few hours I’m really into creating stuff without looking at manuals and such.

    I’m already modeling my neighborhood the best I can – the terrain in GE isn’t too correct around my parts.

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