Brave New Space Odyssey

As a Stanley Kubrick fan, this hits a major soft spot: “hwtnv” took Station V from the Space Odyssey 3D Modeling Archive (who knew such a wonderful resource existed!), wrung it through SOLA’s 3D-to-KML converter (a newer version, dubbed G1, is out since Ogle Earth blogged it a few days ago), and published it to Google Earth Community.


It so realistic, it’s almost painful not to have it rotate. (VIa GE Maniacs, which also points to the Celestia Motherload, where you can download all manner of Space Odyssey models for Celestia.)

One thought on “Brave New Space Odyssey”

  1. Hey… that’s my model! Built it many years ago in Lightwave 3D. Wish the textures were preserved in Google Earth…

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