Short news: Geoblogger, Vlogmap, Earth Bridge, Global-i

  • Christian Spanring updates, removing content already present in Planet Geospatial. Writes Christian, “ should now be a nice add-on to planet geospatial, for people interested in mainly non-english geoblogs.”
  • VlogMap Community notes that gets a big fat mention in Wired Magazine: “Google Earth fans have studded the big blue marble with local vlogs. The result: a one-stop global Web-vid spree.” The Vlogmap Google Earth network links show that indeed, the number of vlogs has ballooned over the past 6 months.
  • Earth Bridge is a very fancy-looking real-time GPS tracker for Google Earth.
  • Via Data Mining, Global-i Application. It’s a wireframe 3D globe inside a web browser, but comes with lots of geopolitical data (though you have to pay to get it all). I really wish those controls were available on Google Earth, or that you could construct a network link based on preferences such as these.
  • Following up on a recent post about how Google is aiming to preëmptively “semanticize” new content for the web… Google Blogoscoped points to a call for taxonomy leaders by Google for Google Base, to help set up the right data attributes for content contributed to Google Base.
  • French tech blog Innis went to virtual reality conference Laval Virtual 2006, and brought home a video of the most innovative display technologies, including some that would come in handy for navigating 3D globes. No French required to see it.

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