Better than Google Earth (for one thing)

There is one continent that Google Earth is not at all good for: Antarctica. My first attempt at adding an overlay was for the South Pole, and I quickly learned that the poles are the only places on Google’s Earth where overlays are pointless, due to a quirk of the projection method used.

For Antarctica-related exploring, then, best to use the USGS’s Atlas of Antarctic Research. It has a wealth of layers that can be turned on simultaneously, including some quite precise satellite imagery. It’s not as pretty as Google Earth, but it is useful at these latitudes. (Via T√©rk√©pes Egoblog)

3 thoughts on “Better than Google Earth (for one thing)”

  1. Atlas of Antarctic Research

    With online map services invariably using some variant of the Mercator projection, Antarctica inevitably receives short shrift. (Stefan notes that the same is true of Google Earth.) The remedy for this is the USGS’s Atlas of Antarctic Research, the int…

  2. Hi there,

    Bull crap … google earth is one of the best i’ve ever known .. so plz cut the crap and be honest

    Thank you

  3. Google Earth is far from being accurate. Some maps are only refresh once a month and many areas won’t be detailed at all! If you’re looking for something professional, stay away from Google and look for a private company.

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