Slovenian blog list does Google Earth

Many countries in Europe have national blog directories, and some of them also do location-based listings. si.blogs, a Slovenian blog list, uses a Google Maps/Earth implementation. Are there any others?

It’s natural for blogs written in Europe’s smaller languages to group together like this — these are natural blog microclimates. Blog community services like si.blogs play a valuable role in fostering a social landscape for blogs on a regional level… at least in the early stages — here in Sweden, blogging has exploded in the past 6 months, from 500 active blogs a year ago to around 10,000 today. This has somewhat overwhelmed the blog community services that operate on a national level, and bloggers have begun to seek other narrower criteria to define their communities.

(RE si.blogs’ KML feed: It too should be wrapped inside a network link before being delivered to Google Earth users, so that it is live.)