Google Earth + QuickTime VR

I’m a bit late on the uptake here, but I love how this overlay helps enhance Google Earth’s sense of immersion, and it deserves a permanent place on everyone’s Earth. (Well, okay, it’s on my Earth):

Berkeley University’s database of QuicktimeVR 360-degree panoramas from around the globe is now accessible via a downloadable KML file for Google Earth, courtesy of a very enterprising Thomas Rauscher.

Google Earth does a whole lot, but it can’t go the last mile and let us walk around at street level (let’s be reasonable). Quicktime VR, however, does give us that sensation. These two technologies are wonderfully complementary, and make for a killer demo to wow first-time Google Earthlings.

At the moment, the file is static, which means that it won’t automatically list new additions. Perhaps Berkeley can be persuaded to turn this into an officially supported and hosted network link?

(Via @Dawn of the 21st century)

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  1. I’m trying to do something similar, I’d like to embed a quicktime .mov into a location in google earth, but in g.e. rather than opening a separate window as is done above. any ideas? i’m not very proficient with html but I can get by.



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