BBC News on Google Earth

David Burden at Converjed has built a dynamic network link that geolocates current stories of my favorite news source, the BBC World News, onto Google Earth (using an RSS feed and the BBC’s Backstage API).

He adds, “I can really see Google Earth becoming a world browser.” Agreed. And if we could get the BBC to add precise geolocation metadata to the headers of its stories, we would be well on our way to having Google Earth fly us to whatever we happen to be reading about.

(Via Google Earth Community.)

One thought on “BBC News on Google Earth”

  1. Aprîs WaPo, le deluge?

    First, there was the BBC as KML. Then, David Burden made his code more generic, so that virtually any RSS news feed with a half-way decent dateline can populate a KMZ file. Now, Lon has used David’s code to post…

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