iPad version of Google Earth launches

Not content to launch a new version of Google Earth for the traditional operating systems, Google also today quietly released version 3.0 of Google Earth for Apple’s iOS, now with native support for the iPad. Download it on the iTunes store.

The iPad version of Google Earth makes good use of the extra screen real-estate: Pop-ups are opened inside the 3D view. This latest version also adds road layers on the iPad and iPhone 3GS. (Via Electronista)

2 thoughts on “iPad version of Google Earth launches”

  1. It’s a great app for sure. Anything that involves the minds of Google and Apple is going to be a treat to use but there are still some things that could be added to make it even better on the iPad. The experience now is…near immersive, on the cusp. ANYTHING is better than using that silly pixel doubler!

    I’m looking forward for the update already!

    Check out my breakdown of the good and bad of the GE earth for iPad –

    World Geography Blog

  2. Google Earth is used as the mapping backdrop for a variety of GPS tracking devices. DO you think that mobile tracking will be able to interface with the Google Earth app?

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