Sana’a and Socotra, February 2009 – the digital trail

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally managed to process the digital trail of my trip to Sana’a and Socotra in February 2009. Download the KML file (300 KB) containing my photos on Flickr, my panoramas on 360Cities, my GPS tracks for most of the trip, the portion of those tracks on Socotra’s brand new paved roads (something you won’t find on any published map, nor on the satellite imagery currently in Google Earth) and finally, for reference’s sake, individual track points.

Here’s a teaser from Sana’a:

Sana'a: View from a rooftop at sunset in Yemen

Bread suq, Sana'a, Yemen in Yemen

And here’s a teaser from Socotra:

Dragon's Blood trees, Diksum Plateau, Socotra, Yemen in Yemen

Admittedly, the only content with “real” geographical value in that file is the fresh road network on Socotra, but now that OpenStreetMap has hit the big time with its imminent embrace by Yahoo! Maps, I think I will try to submit the road data to both OSM and Google Map Maker over the weekend, and compare the processes. Stay tuned.

Then, coming up next week, the reason I’m in Shanghai:-) I’m heading into to the countryside to see the eclipse in a pollution-free spot, but weather- and cellphone coverage permitting, I’ll tweet it live on @ogleearth, with pics.

2 thoughts on “Sana’a and Socotra, February 2009 – the digital trail”

  1. Stefan, thank you for the great photos! They begin where GE leaves off, to paraphrase The Prisoner. The detail and sense of presence are alluring!

  2. These are fantastic Stefan! At first glance I thought I was looking at a fancy artificial 3D redering. These must be viewed in full screen mode.

    I’m off to look at the KML now.


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