Censorship coming to South Korean Google Maps?

South Korea’s government has long been unhappy with the transparency that Google Earth and Maps provides over South Korea (though it doesn’t mind the view of North Korea one bit). Now South Korea’s mainstream news site Chosun.com carries an article that seems to indicate things are coming to a head:

Google Korea said on Sunday that it is in talks with a government agency about security measures in regards to the exposure of national security facilities in satellite photos provided by Google Earth.

A source at Google Korea said that Google’s policy is to show original materials as they are, but, given Korea’s current situation, the satellite map provider will fully incorporate the Korean government’s demands when it starts its Korean satellite photo service in the future.

Whatever could that mean — a “special” censored version of Google Maps, not unlike the way that China’s Google Maps is “special”? Censoring South Korean imagery just for South Koreans would be a phenomenally pointless act, but if that is what keeps the government happy, that’s fine by me:-) Or is the source implying that the next generation of imagery will be censored for everyone?

2 thoughts on “Censorship coming to South Korean Google Maps?”

  1. I think it’d be pretty safe to assume that South Korea isn’t out to quash it’s own citizens, but to protect them. If we can’t sell North Korea weapons, why should we give them high-resolution aerial intelligence data for free?

  2. Aliens are trying to communicate.

    Where is my tinfoil stove top hat!!

    *rummages through over stuffed closet*


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