NY state officials think Street View has security implications

From the Department of Paranoid Officialdom:

The NYT reports: Google Earth Makes Some Officials Nervous. Apparently, Microsoft and Google vans have been scouring NYC for their street view products, and this has been making low-level officials nervous.

This morning, the state comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli, held a news conference in Midtown Manhattan to urge Internet-based mapping services to consult with law enforcement authorities — and well, to just be responsible — in deciding what to put on the Web. Citing Google Earth among other services, he said he was worried that too much information might compromise counterterrorism efforts.

Right. Because terrorists are too stupid to drive cars and take pictures themselves. (Some of the comments attached to the article are priceless.)

5 thoughts on “NY state officials think Street View has security implications”

  1. OK question.

    Do y’all want to make it easier on the “bad guys”? Or make them work hard at their job?

    I bet they would much rather work behind a computer screen than actually get out and about to do their work. It would put them less at risk and would be less time/money consuming. It seems to me, people would much rather hand them information on a “silver platter”. Than be inconvenient themselves.

    Following the logic of, they will do it anyway, like the idea of terrorists doing their own photo reconnaissance vs. looking a photos on GE or VE. I guess since they will still use bombs and like to kill us. Let’s supply them with bomb making material and show them the right spots to set one off for maximum damage. Isn’t that fair? They are going to do it anyway, let’s help them do it better and easier.

    Sorry but this is nuts. I’m all for having “freedoms”. Having freedoms doesn’t mean self-inflictive suicide. I’m all for looking at the imagery, whether, street-view of over-head. I’m more than willing not being able to view the imagery for years, if that means we are not lending a helping hand to our current enemies.

    When to lift those temporary restrictions? Not sure. Self-imposed restrictions should be lifted and never made permanent in our society. For example, during the Civil War and WW II.


  2. OH, my goodness!

    I am sure that the terrorists used GOOGLE Street View to find the two tallest buildings in New York!

    God forbid they should buy a map or go to Wikipedia and read the construction details so as to know the weakest point, other than some of the other posters HEADS that is!

    The Australian Government had the same concern! Stupid people running high security Nuclear projects! Just go on the web and put in their name in like I did.


    You worried about terrorists? Make friends with a Muslim and covert! That is all they want, you to become a Muslim.

    Heck the person running for President went to a Muslim school, did he come out wearing a bomb? No, he came out just as ugly as he went in.

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