Google Maps gets (awesome) directions upgrade

Google Maps just got a jaw-droppingly impressive upgrade to its directions functionality. Just watch the YouTube video already:

You have to play with it to believe it. And it works in Europe too, across countries:


And it handles ferries seamlessly:



I have no idea how the algorithm for finding routes does its work so fast, or how address labels get to be displayed on the fly as you drag a destination around, but this bit of AJAX programming is simultaneously technically stunning, useful, and easy to use.

3 thoughts on “Google Maps gets (awesome) directions upgrade”

  1. I used it last night to plan a trip via ferry to Ireland. Very swanky, although I did like the placeholder functionality G-Maps used to have before they linked to ferries: ‘now swim for 150 miles’

    Pondering the question of how they do it I wonder if they calculate and save all possible routes on a view? Zooming out and changing the route onto a road not in the first view there is a small delay, but really the whole thing is unbelievably fast. They are very, very clever people :)


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