Half of all Dutch people have used Google Earth: Report

At a dinner party tonight, somebody mentioned that half of all Dutch people had used Google Earth. I was incredulous. “No, it’s true, I read it on the internet” was the reply. A quick Google later, indeed here is the article in Emerce, in Dutch, dated April 17.

47% of Dutch people have used Google Earth, according to Dutch search engine specialist Checkit and researchers RM Interactive in an annual report they’ve conducted since 2002 on internet habits.

This makes Google Earth by far Google’s most popular non-search product. 90% of the Dutch say they use Google Search; both Google Earth usage and Google Mail usage (at 28%, up from 18% a year ago) are remarkably high. Other products, however, such as Google Mobile, Google Talk, Google Desktop get single digit percentage use, while Picasa manages 11%.

Still, 47%! Who’d have thought that penetration for a standalone downloadable product in a nation of 16.5 million could be that high? The Dutch do benefit from ubiquitous broadband access and a thirst for all things new, so this is a taste of things to come.

2 thoughts on “Half of all Dutch people have used Google Earth: Report”

  1. Perhaps you could consider 47% as not so high. We have everything here. It’s not that hard for people to use GE. Just my thoughts..


  2. This is quite clearly a bullshit statistic. I can guarantee it’s not true. Unless Google Earth somehow incorporates Google Maps, in which case I might believe it.

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