After Greensburg’s F5 tornado: An overlay of the destruction


Google has made available an overlay showing both before- and after satellite imagery of the town of Greensburg, Kansas, devastated by an F5 category tornado on May 4. You can find an animation of the radar imagery that night here.

3 thoughts on “After Greensburg’s F5 tornado: An overlay of the destruction”

  1. The supplied URL loads fine in Google Earth, but if you load it into Google Maps there are syntax errors that prevent it from loading.

    Parts of… could not be displayed because it contains errors.

    Show errorsHide errors

    Line 7: contains syntax errors

    Line 27: contains syntax errors

    Line 45: contains syntax errors

    Line 68: contains syntax errors

    The push pin displays, but not the highres photo overlays.

    I thought the KML syntax was identical ?

  2. I’m getting errors in GE. Can’t return tile layer and locks the program up. Plus, large red x’s with white background are displayed.

    Still amazing what happened. Mother Nature doesn’t kid around. All the best to those who have been affected.


  3. Every time something like this happens that area must get more searches than anywhere else! I remember looking at areas after the tsunami, it hadnt ben updated when i looked though ! :-(

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