Shorts: Photoshop to do KMZ; Earth Addresser; UTMFlyer

  • The extended (i.e. expensive) version of the soon-to-be-launched Adobe PhotoShop CS3 lets you “import, view and interact” with 3D content, including Collada and KMZ files — presumably those containing exported SketchUp content. I’m not sure what this means, but Adobe has some more info (and annoying voice content).
  • Earth Addresser by Steffen Kamp and Sven-S. Porst is a very simple freeware application for the Mac that does one thing well: It turns all the addresses of your contacts in your Address Book into a KML file. Screenshot here.
  • From the Competition is Good For You department: Virtual Earth also updated its imagery yesterday: There is heaps of new Birds Eye coverage for European cities, including the parental home in Antwerp. (Via RXBBX Blog.)
  • The Map Room points to a post on Valleywag which alludes to a rumored list of 15 countries where Google Earth is banned. I have my suspicions: Bahrain tried it, Morocco may have, but no other country’s ever been in the blogs for banning just Google Earth. Of course, some countries heavily restrict access to large tranches of the web, like North Korea and China, so I’m not sure if that counts, though even China seems not to have blocked access to Google Earth, despite some speculation that it had.
  • Free GeoTools points to this little piece of beta freeware for the PC: UTMFlyer lets you enter UTM coordinates, then flies you there in Google Earth. it will also convert between “normal” coordinates and UTM. (Via The Map Room)
  • Squio blog is blogging Google’s Geodays in the Netherlands, now ongoing (mainly in English).