Google Earth imagery update: Vancouver, UK, France, Connecticut, etc…

Google Earth’s imagery data has been updated once again. This post on Google Earth Community has the details: Downtown Vancouver gets the high resolution treatment, as do various shires in the UK and a couple of French cities. Plenty of new high resolution stuff in the US as well.

As for updated imagery, Spain (incl. the Canary Islands) and bits of the US get Google’s love this time round. Details below the fold.

New high resolution:

  • Canada: Downtown Vancouver, BC
  • England: Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Berkshire, Peak District, Birmingham, Greater Manchester, Avon, Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire
  • France: Rennes, Poitiers
  • US: Omaha, NE; Missoula, MT; Amherst, MA; Keowee, SC; Catawba Wateree, NC/SC; Rolla, MO; Nashville (“Burbia”), TN; US Gaston County, NC; Anne Arundel County, Metro Water District of Southern California; State of Arkansas

Updated Imagery:

  • Spain: Gran Canaria, Fuertaventura, El Hierro, La Gomera, Tenerife, and Las

    Palmas (Canary Islands) Spain

  • US: Austin, TX; San Bernardino, CA; State of Connecticut


  • Danish plane replicants removed
  • Andes, Maccu Picchu terrain repaired

6 thoughts on “Google Earth imagery update: Vancouver, UK, France, Connecticut, etc…”

  1. Couldn’t resist letting you know about the content I posted yesterday. After checking out new images of Vancouver, scroll east to Burnaby and check out the 3D campus of Simon Fraser University. This model was completed before photo texturing and proper geo-location was possible with Sketchup, prior to the announcement of the 3D campus contest by Google.

  2. Here is the link, be sure to check out the virtual tour. The blue semi transparent buildings are currnetly under development. I have also take several air photos of the construction called UniverCity.

  3. Why don’t they update thing outside US and Europe. At least, the frequency with which these two regions is far greater than for the rest of the world. :(

  4. “Las Palmas (Canary Islands) Spain” is wrong.

    The Island is named “La Palma”. Las Palmas is the name of the biggest town on “Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) Spain”



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