Ogle Earth notes

A perfect storm has conspired against blogging here these past few days: Intercontinental travel (I’m back in Sweden for a week), rapids in the pace at work, and an unstable Mac — if you’re going to use the Mac’s FileVault hard disk encryption feature, whatever you do don’t crash the machine. I know that’s a challenge, but it’s one I’m quite capable of rising to. Looks like a complete reinstall lies ahead this weekend. Argh. Better to just use Yojimbo and Knox in the future — I’ve never had problems with those. (The silver lining to running an Intel Mac: My Windows partition still works!)

(Also: An apology to the makers of the Berlin network link team for wondering aloud snarkily why it still won’t work on the Mac. It’s my Mac it won’t work on. Other Macs have no problems.) I’ve just figured out what’s wrong: The server hosting the network link only recognizes Google Earth Free for Mac, not Google Earth Pro for Mac. I use the latter, but have both installed. Switching to the free version solved the problem. What’s happening here, I’m almost certain, is that the server only responds to specific UserAgent names, and Google Earth Pro isn’t on that list.

The past few days were news-filled, of course. The amount of news worth reporting is clearly inversely proportional to my ability to report it (Stefan’s law?:-). I should be catching up shortly.

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