For Sweden, Google Earth =>

For some regions of Earth, there is more higher resolution imagery provided locally for free than what Google Earth can provide. Sweden is one example — here provides unsurpassed resolution (and gorgeous design to boot.)

That why this network link by‘s Anders Fajerson comes in so useful. Whenever you are looking at Sweden in Google Earth, click on the network link to see the same view on For example:


Click on the image to see a larger version. Here’s the permalink to Eniro’s view.

One caveat: The imagery Eniro uses is from a Swedish government agency, Lantmäteriverket, which is a known obfuscator of its own censorship. (At least I can vouch for the island pictured above. I kayaked to it last summer:-)

[Update 21:43 UTC: The network link works for Denmark as well.]

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  1. You are right that it does work for Denmark. But the GoogleEarth imagery of Denmark was updated earlier this month to the exact same images used by Eniro.

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