Links: SpaceNavigator driver for ArcMap, PlanetOSGeo

  • That was fast: Jiro Shirota has written a Space Navigator driver for ESRI ArcMap 9.2, and puts up a demo on Google Video. (Via comments — where would this blog be without comments?)
  • Christopher Schmidt is fed up with all those Google Earth blogs on Planet GeoSpatial (apologies all round:-) so he’s built his own planet, Planet OSGeo, focusing on open source GIS blogs. Personally, I like planets because they give me a lightning quick overview of what GIS news has broken, without me having to fire up my news reader and its 1,000+ feeds — I wonder if that sort of informational extravagance is bad for the environment:-) Remember too that anyone can roll their own: Either by siccing this greasemonkey script on James Fee’s Planet GeoSpatial or else using the newly revamped FeedDigest.
  • Just wanted to highlight an interesting observation made by GeoLibro a few days back, also noted by the NSGIC blog:

    …if the U.S. government is serious about us learning and using the National Grid (USNG), they need to have Google use it for U.S. locations.

    This reminded me in turn of the article written about Apple not so long ago in the Wall Street Journal, regarding its burgeoning influence in the music world:

    The decisions by the small group of Silicon Valley and music-industry veterans running iTunes can help put an unknown band on the map, adding millions of dollars in sales, while relegating others to the obscurity of the site’s virtual back bins.

    It’s remarkable how both Google and Apple have managed to get themselves into the role of a rainmaker in an industry where they had absolutely no presence just a few years ago.

4 thoughts on “Links: SpaceNavigator driver for ArcMap, PlanetOSGeo”

  1. I put the source code in Visual Basic 2005 here

    Sorry, I haven’t made an installer yet. This is a very primitive version. I still have to test it on several different versions of ArcMap as well as Windows Vista…

    Also, when I load too many layers, ArcMap starts to get hiccups. Does anyone have suggestions?

    Once I have done all of this, I will make a link here: , which is also a very primitive web site…



  2. Let me know when it is working- I’m dying to use it!

    Any chance of getting 3dconnexxion to put it in their installer?



  3. Hi Erle,

    I did make an installer for this driver, which is available here:

    I wrote this thing for my own use as a “temporary solution” until ESRI or 3Dconnexion releases an “official” driver. So, it’s not perfect. Sorry!

    Anyway, if you want to try it, please refer to the “Readme” document in the zip file.

    You will need:

    1) Microsoft .NET 2.0

    2) Windows XP (it might work on Vista and other versions)

    3) ArcMap 9.1 or 9.2 (it might work with earlier versions)


  4. planets because they give me a lightning quick overview of what GIS news has broken, without me having to fire up my news reader and its 1,000+ feeds

    That’s also what tries to achieve: a summary of all significant geonews out there, manually selected or user submitted. I’m a heavy and happy user of PlanetGS, but there’s a lot of repetitions and some off-topic items.

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