3DConnexion announces SDK for PC, Mac

(Part 2 of the stories I missed last week)

3DConnexion has released a software development kit (SDK) for Windows and announced one for the Mac (due March 30). (A Linux version is already available). This should make it much easier to get 3DConnexion navigation devices like the Space Navigator to work with existing 3D applications — I’m hoping for an expedited plugin for Second Life, but also for Brain Explorer, Celestia and the most excellent PointCloudXplore viewer for the Berkeley Drosophila Transcription Network Project. These are all enhanced reality viewers, and they should benefit greatly from a dedicated navigation tool.

Also this week, 3DConnexion announced its devices now work with NASA World Wind (though we had been tipped off that this was coming by The Earth is Square.

2 thoughts on “3DConnexion announces SDK for PC, Mac”

  1. World Wind support: excellent! That was the one thing holding me back from using WW as much as I use Google Earth.

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