Short news: Play “Mars Sucks” at DestinSharks

  • DestinSharks’ Virgil Zetterlind is kind enough to host Intel’s demo game, Mars Sucks, on his server. Here is his blog post announcing the link. It’ll be up as long as it isn’t popular:-)
  • Time Magazine’s Wilson Rothman likes 3DConnexion’s SpaceNavigator. But he finds it “annoying” that you can’t use it for anything besides Google Earth. A month ago nobody had even thought of navigating desktop applications in 3D, and now Rothman’s main “complaint” is that he can’t. Still, I guess it’s the kind of frustration you want customers to have.
  • Remember that bogus website Download-Earth, which misappropriates Richard Treves’ Kokae tutorial screencasts of Google Earth without permission and then tries to get you to click on a paid referral link for Firefox, pretending it’s for Google Earth?

    Well now there is another site, Google Earth Tips 360, that has the exact same spiel. Once again, Richard Treves’s screencasts are used without permission, and once again, you are invited to download Google Earth by clicking on a referral link for downloading FireFox.


    There are some strange people out there.

  • Garmin announces that their Training Centersoftware for their sports GPS devices is ready for the Mac, as promised earlier this year. It’ll be available at the MacWorld Expo Jan 8-12, and then as a download later in the month. The app integrates well with, which already supports the Mac, and which lets you export KML.

2 thoughts on “Short news: Play “Mars Sucks” at DestinSharks”

  1. Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for the heads up on this, I checked it out and whilst I wouldn’t recommend the site they were at least using my videos correctly – I published them under a creative commons licence so anyone can use them anywhere so long as they don’t ‘sell’ them or cut off the reference to me and my site;

    Didn’t realise that they were getting money by a paid link. What sad little lives they must live…

  2. Thanks Richard. Of course, I have no problem with making money online, I just have a problem with making it in a backhanded way:-)

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