Short news: Google Tech Talk on Google Earth

  • In November, Google Earth Team’s Jessica Pfund gave a one-hour Google Tech Talk that serves as a great introduction to Google Earth, its user interface and the things you can do with it beyond looking at your house. The talk has now been posted to Google Video. I too learned something: Double right-clicking will zoom you out in Google Earth.

    The video is a link worth sending to anyone you know who still hasn’t caught the Google Earth bug (and who has a free hour). (Also, with hindsight, Jessica’s T-shirt was quite a hint about where Google would be acquiring next.) (Via SEO by the Sea)

  • Another blogger likes the 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator.
  • If you use iGO navigation software for PocketPC or have a Mio GPS navigation device (both popular in Europe), then you might be interested in a point-of-interest (POI) Editor that lets you drag KML files (among others) to the app and thus to your device.