Taking rail to the next level (in Switzerland)

Here’s how to take the default railroad layer in Google Earth to the next level — by connecting individual stations to their timetables. Over on Google Earth Community, Chaver shows us how, using Switzerland as an example. Nice touch: Just like with Google Earth’s base layers, zoom in to get more stations.

Wouldn’t it be cool if, in some future version of KML, the API would let you select placemarks to send to your server to do calculations on? Then you’d be able to get timetables for specific itineraries. Find and select JFK and LHR airports, press go — and get back prices. Even better, use the timeline to find bargains! (Maybe this is something for LastMinute Labs?)

This network link again makes me yearn for more comprehensive support of HTML tags in Google Earth popup windows — I’m thinking IFRAME and EMBED, specifically. That way the timetables could be right in the popup window.