NWS embraces KML (finally)

Remember the difficulty US National Weather Service employee Chuck Hodges from Tulsa had in getting approval for publishing his local weather data as KML? (Take one, two, three) That’s so 2005. Now the NWS has gone full bore with KML weather overlays of its radar imagery. These localized network links update every five minutes, contain the past 10 or so overlays, and are timeline enabled — what more do you need to get in touch with your inner weatherman? (Via Google Earth Community)

4 thoughts on “NWS embraces KML (finally)”

  1. I work at a newspaper, and we’ve been using their radar overlays for several months to get a better handle on severe weather in real time than we could get with the traditional web maps. In fact, the radar maps were the “killer app” that convinced our systems people at the newspaper to install Google Earth out of the box on all the new computers they put in the newsroom. I’d love the kind of forecast stuff that the Tulsa people are (were?) doing.

  2. Hi I haven’t tried this google map thing yet but people who have been on here please tell me if its any good.If it is mail me back but I wont get to it until next weekened because i am going on a vacation tomarrow.

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