Short news: UNAVCO, FlickrExport for Aperture

  • Cool science use: UNAVCO “supports and promotes Earth science by advancing high-precision techniques for the measurement and understanding of deformation”. Now they’ve published links to all their measurement data geospatially, as KML.
  • Where are the antipodes of Mecca? Curious minds want to know.
  • Frank Speirs’ FlickrExport for Aperture 1.0b2 adds Google Earth support. Frank also reports a significant EXIF bug in Aperture 1.5. (Aperture is Apple’s pro photo tool.)
  • Uberpretty virtual planetarium Stellarium is up to version 0.8.2 for PC, Mac and Linux. Best part: The Mac version is now a universal binary. (Via Le Blogue du LFG)
  • Somebody give that man an impossible task. Valery Hronusov comes out with a demo of 3D isosurfaces. Good for measuring blast radii of North Korean nukes, I presume. (Comes with a pretty picture.)
  • BTW, if Valery gets his visa (who knows these days, right?), you’ll catch him at the AGU in San Francisco December 11-15, participating in ED21: The Use of Internet-Based Virtual Globes in the Earth Sciences.